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Links.... loads of them. Some new, some old, some broken, some brilliant. Tread with care, but here are some of the better alternative resources on the Internet.


Here's a ton of links that should give you a hand in the planning stay of your trip and hopefully some general surfing enjoyment. Directly below is what are considered to be the most essential and useful links in a Java script, that may or may not work properly for you. Then below that is a very long, hard to maintain list of hundreds of other links that maybe helpful to you. The link of the minute is

Do us a favour and e-mail (address at bottom of this page) notice of broken links or if you think I should link up with your site (click here, fill out the form) plus any new links you know of. Please note commercial sites cannot be listed unless truly worthy, this is a page of links to sites like this one: by travellers for travellers.

Please note excellent highlighted links contained within the script above.

Travellerspoint Travel Community: www.travellerspoint.com

Packing Lite - reviews and inspiration on practical items and keeping weight down: www.packinglite.co

One Bag (the name say it all, good packing advice/lists): www.onebag.com

Ubertramp, travel blog, advice & articles: www.ubertramp.com

Nomads Nation, travel blog, advice & recommendation of the best of the rest: http://nomadsnation.com/best-travel-blogs/

World Nomads, free MP3 language guide downloads: journals.worldnomads.com/language-guides

Budget your trip, a great way to get a handle on what your daily costs might be: www.budgetyourtrip.com

Backpacking tips and starter information, similar to this site - wwww.startbackpacking.com

Learning about the world through photography: www.trekearth.com

Travelholic (Europe, Oz/NZ): www.travoholic.com

World Climate - gives you the average temperature and rainfall for any time of the year just about anywhere in the world: www.worldclimate.com

Nice looking resource for all the popular destinations: www.backpacker-planet.com & www.worldbackpackers.net

Virtual Tourist (great info & forum): www.virtualtourist.com

Travel resource for independent travellers: www.the-backpacking-site.com

Which plug in which country?: http://users.pandora.be/worldstandards/electricity.htm

Great interactive world weather map: http://www.worldreviewer.com/world-weather/

We all know Booking.com, Hostel world, etc... so won't plug them or similar 3rd party booking sites further.

Great directories for specific regions/countries:

Southern Africa travel bible (hostels): www.coastingafrica.com

Latin America info/hostel guide: www.hosteltrail.com

in USA Canada: www.hostelhandbook.com

The best directory of hostels in NZ: www.backpack.co.nz

Allowing strangers to connect and stay for free (mixed success):
www.couchsurfing.com and www.hospitalityclub.org or Global Freeloaders - same principle but new members must host someone within the first six months.

Similar, but you pay consumer to consumer with the site taking a cut:

Air BnB or Home Away - better for longer stays or appartments/home rentals.

Ron Gluckman, many excellent articles: www.gluckman.com

Boots N All (very popular): www.bootsnall.com

Plenty of information: www.gonomad.com/

Large directory of useful travel links: http://travelresourcelist.com

The Long Trip Home: www.thelongtriphome.com

Polo's Bastards Extreme Adventure (odd and sometimes dangerous places): www.polosbastards.com

Excellent: www.travellerspoint.com

inTravel, experiences and ideas: www.intravelmag.com

For SEA it is hard to beat: www.travelfish.org

Just KiddingThe Fabulous Adventures of Mister Wombat: www.wombattravel.com

Atlas of the real world: www.telegraph.co.uk/.../The-Atlas-of-the-Real-World.html

Lies to tell tourists: http://www.economist.com/tourist-advice

Test your Geography Knowledge: www.lizardpoint.com/fun/geoquiz/ and www.jetpunk.com

Historical Country Names: www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/hist_country_names.htm

Golden Plungers, the world's best public toilets and where to find them: www.thebathroomdiaries.com

Spud Travel's: www.spudstravels.com

Guide to sleeping in airports: www.sleepinginairports.net

How far is it? www.indo.com/distance/

The Big Mac index: www.oanda.com/products/bigmac/bigmac.shtml

Which side of the road do they drive on?: www.brianlucas.ca/roadside

Let your books travel and catch up later, great idea: www.bookcrossing.com

Where is Matt? (quirky video of Matt's dancing on his travels): www.wherethehellismatt.com

Five Steps for Doing Laundry While Backpacking: www.theworldisnotflat.com/laundry

ATM Cards and Foreign Exchange (American Focus): http://flyertalk.com/wiki/

MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs worldwide: www.mastercard.com/cardholderservices/atm/

VISA/Plus ATM's worldwide: http://www.visa.com/atmlocator/

American Express ATM's worldwide: http://amex.via.infonow.net/locator/cash/

Exchange rates (quick): http://finance.yahoo.com/m3?u or Universal Currency Converter (better) above or Currency printable cheat sheet: www.oanda.com/convert/cheatsheet

Travel health advice: www.travelturtle.co.uk or www.travelhealth.co.uk

World Heath Organisation: www.who.int/ith/

Travel Medicine (information and products to buy): www.travmed.com

Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad: www.masta-travel-health.com

Centre for Disease Control and Protection: www.cdc.gov/travel/

i Travel advisories: see top list

Indietraveller http://www.indietraveller.co

Globetrotter extraordinaire: http://berclo.net/inden.html

Heinz Stcke - cycle around the world, not once, but ten times: www.bikechina.com/heinzstucke1z.html

Alby's Travels - nice format great photos: www.albytravel.com

The Savage Files: Gunther, Christine and Otto - the ultimate road trip

Stories, advice and photos (S. America, M. East and Asia): www.gorustic.com

Blurry Travel. Nice personal travelogue with detailed tip filled diaries (SEA focus): www.blurrytravel.com

Wired to the world (travelogue and practical tips): www.wired2theworld.com

Day-by-day travel diary through Asia, Oz & N.America: www.yearinthelife.org

World Stompers on-line: www.stompers.com

Peter Moore: www.noshit.com.au

Fodors Travel (useful user comments about individual hotels): www.fodors.com

i See guidebook write up in on the road section for all guidebook links see there or Lonely Planet link at the top of this page.

Who flies where: The air DB

Airports and air travel guide: www.airwise.com/airports/

The Subway Guide (great for first arrivals): www.reed.edu/~reyn/transport.html

British Foreign Office Advice: www.fco.gov.uk

Australian Travel Advisory: www.dfat.gov.au/travel

Canadian Consular Affairs: www.voyage.gc.ca

In site advice: Backpackers travel insurance

This is tough to keep updated with new up-starts and close-downs happening all the time. Please feel free to help, in fact please help!:

Ryan Air - Everywhere from everywhere
Easy Jet - Almost everywhere to a lot of places
Fly Be - UK-wide to Europe
Vueling and Clickair- Spain-wide to Europe
Jet2 - Leeds & Bradford to Europe
BlueAir, Brussels Airlines, Pegasus,
German Wings and Condor
Transavia - Stansted to Amsterdam & Holland Europe-wide
Iceland Express - Stansted to Iceland
Volare - Stansted to Italy
Aer Arann - England & Scotland to Ireland
Norwegian Air Shuttle Stansted to Oslo & Bergen
FlyGlobespan.com Edinburgh & Glasgow to EU
TUI Fly Mainly UK and Germany with package holiday resorts globally.
Wizz Air - UK/Ireland to Eastern Europe
flightconnections.com - is by far the best overview.

Virgin Australia - Australian staple

Skywest - Western (inc. Darwin & Bali) Australia

Regional Express - South East local Australian routes

Jetstar - Across Australia and to New Zealand


Kulula & Mango - South Africa

Fly540 - Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania

Precision Air - Tanzania domestic

FastJet - Tanzania, but plans to expand

Middle East:

Air Arabia - UAE based, wide network & Jazeera Airways

Airport BoardSkyScanner - the easy way to search the above or or Air Ninja

? For international flights try:

A recommendation: Kayak, GoEuro or Skyscanner. They search various airlines and agents like orbitz in the US, ebookers & Opodo in UK and expedia. It then allows you to sort the results according to a sliding bar for price.

i See full advice and more links for international flights here.

South East Asia (SEA)

Air Asia - great & cheap flight network based in SEA
Nok Air - Thai based, predominately domestic
Orient Thai Airlines - Now integrated with One-Two-Go the domestic low-cost carrier
Jet Star Asia - Again excellent. Singapore based; Indian, SEA and NEA capital connects
Vietnam Airlines - Local and international connections (mainly from HCMC) inc. Oz
Lion Air - Indonesian based, domestic and connects with SEA capitals
Laos Airlines - domestic, Cambodia and Vietnam. Not the most efficient

South Asian

Sri Lankan Airlines - cheap flights to India, Thailand, Malaysia and beyond.
Jet Airways - India based, predominately domestic, not the cheapest
Air India - National carrier, now merged with India Airlines the state owned domestic airline. Again not the best value
Jetlite - (formally Air Sahara, now part of Jet Airways)
IndiGo - Go network, inc. Delhi to Goa

For Indian domestic flights schedules and which airline flies which route the following link is recommended: www.mapsofindia.com/flight-schedule/

Focus around USA, Mexico and Brazil. South America lacks behind in terms of budget airlines.

USA (internal):

South Western and Jet Blue,
Frontier Airlines or Ted,
AirTran Airways

Mexican/Central America (internal):

Vivaerobus - Mexico internal and to/from USA

Brazilian (internal):

TAM, Gol, BRA, Ocean Air, Web Jet
Pantanal Linhas Airline (Pantanal only)

?Please note, there are many more not mentioned here with smaller networks, for more information please see getting around by air in the on the road section.

Find Volunteer work that doesn't have you paying for the privilege: www.truetravellers.org

South American free and low-cost volunteer work: www.volunteersouthamerica.net - (see comments)

Work for accommodation exchange: www.workaway.info

Volunteer International work camps: www.vfp.org

More volunteers work: www.workingabroad.com

Teaching English: www.tefl.com or www.onlinetefl.com or

Studying abroad: www.studyabroad.com

Volunteer Latin America: www.volunteerlatinamerica.com

Ultimate Guide and good directory: www.tripbuzz.com/travel-photography-guide/

Longish essay on the backpacking for photographers: www.photo-mark.com/articles/backpacking/

Travel photography hints: www.fodors.com/focus/

Digital cameras: www.digitalcamera-hq.com

Great photography and electronic FAQ page. Good discussion about SLR Vs compacts: http://adrianwarren.com/faq/

How to Fix Memory Card Errors: http://www.softwarehow.com/sd-memory-card-error-fix/

MoonHere is the second part of this links page. They get a little more disorganised from here on - please e-mail us (address at the bottom of this page) notice of broken links or if you think this site should link up with any other site (click here, fill out the form). These links are mainly travelogues, homepages and tourism ministry sites, but can be helpful and most have at least some interest.

Excellent Colombia and Latin America info/hostel guide: www.hosteltrail.com

Argentina Cafe - independent travel guide to Argentina: http://www.argentinacafe.com

Amazing mountain biking ride from La Paz: www.gravitybolivia.com

Peru, more photos and general information: http://perutraveller.cjb.net

Peru's conservation travel organization: http://inkanatura.com

Chichen Itza: www.chichenitzafacts.com

FeedbackTicket to the World, dedicated to backpacker's to Australia: www.tickettotheworld.co.uk

The best directory of hostels in NZ: www.backpack.co.nz

Travelling NZ: www.backpackerboard.co.nz

Settling in and visiting Oz: www.immi.gov.au

Uluru information: www.crystalinks.com/ayersrock.html

Finding work in Australia: www.jobaroo.com

Backpack New Zealand: Backpacking & Hiking in NZ: www.backpack-newzealand.com

Kakadu national park: www.ea.gov.au/parks/kakadu/

Independent travel resource about Vanuatu: www.positiveearth.org/bungalows also see: www.positiveearth.org

Hostels in USA, Canada: www.hostelhandbook.com

SouthWest USA: www.canyontocanyon.com

Budget Internal Airlines: www.southwest.com & www.jetblue.com

Accommodation swapping: www.swapnow.com & www.stay4free.com

General travellers information:






Free guides for Eastern European cities: www.inyourpocket.com

For the Balkans: www.balkanology.com

Train times all over Europe: http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/en?ld=107&newrequest=yes&

Air travel: www.europebyair.com

Trains travel: www.raileurope.com

Free to do: www.freetodo.net

Great opinionated guide to sleeping cheap: www.eurocheapo.com

Moldavia Info: www.marisha.net

Southern Africa travel bible (hostels): www.coastingafrica.com

Africa general and country guides:


Swaziland: www.biggame.org

Open BookDue to the sheer number of listable links for this continent, it has meant I have shied away from the task a little. Will come soon, but for now, most information, can be found listed in the essential links at the top of this page - most sites listed have very good links pages themselves.

Asiaphoto: www.asiaphoto.de

Central Asia: wwww.caravanistan.com

Japan on the Cheap: www.japan-cheap-travel.com

SEA Travel FAQ, basic easy to follow - good info: www.chaskemp.googlepages.com/asia_travel

The trans-Siberian - start to finish (google maps and video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmc2STzMOT4

Please report any broken links or redirecting URLs.

"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience"

— Francis Bacon