What to Pack (Short)

If you didn't want to wade through the main 'what to pack' page and are in a hurry to get packing - this is the place for you.

WatchingHere's the short version of the full 'what to pack' page, for those who don't want all the detail. Such a page, being brief is going to have its shortcomings and you will need to read a few bits of the full what to pack page to understand some of it.

Consider this a check-list of not what you should take, but rather what you should not leave without. The list is designed to be minimal and includes the clothes you wear to travel. You can keep it basic and go with only the below items to pack light and keep a small bag or you can add to it as you see fit and depending on your trip and preference. But remember less is always more.

Many items have been left intentionally vague and several depend on destination and trip. Again have a read of the main what to page for more info on any item(s) listed. Feel free to print this and use it as a checklist. Okay enough talking, here we go:

  • Polo ShirtT-shirt

  • Long Sleeved shirt

  • Short Sleeved shirt (or another long-sleeved one) and/or polo shirt

  • Thin Fleece

  • Between four and half a dozen pairs of socks and under-wear

  • Two pairs or trousers

  • A long-ish shirt and bra (if you need one)

  • Baseball hat, sun hat, insulated hat (depending on the climate)

  • Swimming gear (depending on the trip)

  • Shoes and/or sandals

  • CameraCamera and spare battery for

  • Mini LED torch or head light (depending on the trip)

  • Mobile/Cell phone (smart phone with music player and Wi-Fi/internet best)

  • Alarm clock, if not on phone

  • Calculator

  • Chargers and plug adaptor if needed

  • ATM and credit cardsATM and credit card

  • Some emergency cash

  • Sun glasses (depending on trip)

  • If you need them glasses and contacts lenses

  • 1st aid/medicine kit

  • Wash kit

  • Mosquito net and duct tape to fasten (depending on the trip, i.e. African)

  • Documents: emergency number, insurance, passport, flight details, vaccination certificates, etc.

  • Guidebook

  • NotebookPen and notepad

  • Packet of tissues

  • A snack

  • Sarong

  • Towel

  • Sleeping sac (if budget trip)

  • Entertainment whatever you need/like: book(s)/magazine(s)/cards/games/etc.

  • Umbrella or waterproof shell (depending on trip/climate)

  • Earplugs, eye mask

  • Replace thin fleece with mid-weight fleece

  • Colder? Add thermal vest/leggings and a thick fleece jacket style to mid-weigh or thin fleece

  • Really cold? Add down jacket, gloves, thick socks, an outer windproof shell and thermal leggings

  • BackpackMoney belt

  • Mini padlock and cable lock

  • A bag (shoulder) for day use

  • Little bags, nets or such little to keep everything organised and together in your bag.

  • A bag/pack to put it all in.

" Comment: I just want to thank you for your informative page 'What to Pack' on your website. I have been designing and illustrating a travel   infographic to be published in a forthcoming Lonely Planet book: "How To Land A Jumbo Jet". As I've incorporated some of your great advice  and tips, I thought you may be interested to see it. I have listed Travel Independent website as a source. Kind Regards - Hannah.
See the infographic here.

Full details and discussion are found here.

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